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Measuring accurate “Work In Progress” is very difficult. Keeping track of the hours spent on the job is even more of a problem.

If management knew how long it took from start to finish. Efficiency, Profitability and Productivity could all be improved. If you cannot measure, you have no control. We know how difficult it is to know who is working on what job number right now and the task. (Welding/ machining/ QA, etc) Is the Job completed, or is someone waiting for parts?

That is where we come in with our expertise. Look at the PowerPoint presentation else phone us. 011 704 7000.

We Can Help You Succeed

Understand profit or loss of
each job and project

Job costing looks at each element involved in a specific project so you can track profitability of each one.

Utilise reports to view true cost of your production time

By analysing your projected estimates, instead of guessing, you can allocate the correct time to jobs and better price projects in the future.

Uncover inefficiencies
and excess costs

Measure the time paid to an employee for being at work versus the hours allocated to jobs and productivity.

Time is Money

Whether you’re ready to purchase job costing software, curious about features or a trial – we’re ready to answer any and all questions!

Detailed reports just
a few clicks away

Accurate job costing helps your businesses strike balance between revenue and costs by carefully analyzing each step of the job and using historical data to better inform future projects.

Job Status report

View the current job status as well as the employee working on the job.

Time Allocated to a Job

View the hours booked on a job with the start/stop times.

Time Allocated to an Employee

View employee clock on/off times and time spent on jobs. Reports available weekly, monthly or yearly.

Excess Time report

View all jobs where the time allocated exceeds the time allowed. This helps you identify problem and ensure that it does not re-occur.

Daily Exception report

View all jobs that have missing clockings and employees that clocked onto a Job but not off a job

Over budget Jobs Report

View all jobs that have exceeded their projected cost. Presented as % over budget by job and task.

What do you get?

Increased competition and tighter project timelines mean businesses have to fight for every second and every cent they can save. The first step to cost each job accurately — a task made easier with Sentri Sytems Job Costing.

Accurate & Extensive Reporting

Easy to Use Software

Unparalleled Technical Support