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The Company

Sentri Systems, the home of the renowned TurboTime T & A software was formed 24 years ago when we noticed that there was a “big hole” that existed in the Time & Attendance software market. At this time virtually all T & A software was imported and getting the smallest change made was almost impossible.

The decision was made to develop our own software specifically designed for the South African market. Because ALL development is “In-House” any changes and additions clients require can be effected in a small amount of time.

TurboTime time & attendance software is currently installed at over 3000 (Yes three thousand) South African companies as well as many installations in neighbouring states. We even have our software installed on numerous sites as far afield as Belgium.

Because of the close relationship between Time and Attendance, Job Costing and Productivity, Sentri Systems decided that our own Job Costing module was a necessity and the software was born.

job costing is gaining
traction in several industries

The practice is often associated with construction companies but is now becoming popular in marketing and advertising agencies, construction companies, construction companies, energy utilities, engineering offices, manufacturers, retailers, transportation and logistics providers and health care and life sciences organizations.