Software Set-up

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01. Initial Setup

As with any software system, certain information needs to be captured into the system before the software can become fully operational. Sentri Systems Job Costing is no different and the information captured needs to be entered in order.

The first piece of information required is your task codes. (Task Codes are required before Skill Levels can be captured and Skill Levels are required in the Employee Details).


If an employee “clocks”on to a task which is not part of his skill level, either by accident or design, TurboTime Job Costing will flag this as an unauthorised event and the appropriate action can be taken. For example, unless being trained to become a welder, you would probably not want your general worker handling the machinery. If you have an internal training program you may want to set up a task code, say “Training Welding – Machine.


The Cost per hour is not the employees rate of pay, but the amount the task costs you (maybe including consumables, electricity etc.) In the beginning many of these costs will be estimates, however with experience you will have VERY accurate information.


A skill level is made up of the various tasks that the relevant employee is qualified/trained to perform. In the above example a boilermaker is trained/qualified to weld, however a welder is not necessarily able to perform the function of a boilermaker.

It may be the case that your foreman has the qualifications to perform many tasks, in this instance you may want to create his own skill level,

There is no limit to the number of skill levels you can have in the system so you could even go the route of giving each employee their own skill level if you have a small staff compliment.

You can now capture your employee details, paying careful attention to the skill level. (circled in red). All fields are important, but here we are only looking at what is required to get your Job Costing module functional.


There will be numerous reasons why an employee will need to clock off from a job. If the reason is considered critical (for example awaiting materials, machine breakdown etc.)  can generate an email message sent to the relevant persons so that the required steps can be taken.

Once you have your stop reasons captured you can now begin to capture your jobs.

Almost live Feedback.
See what is happening on the shop floor.
Shows who clocked on what job and the task.
Who clocked off a job and why? – Machine Breakdown (OMG)

06. Reports

Within each job you will list the tasks that are needed for the specific job, along with the estimated amount of time that will be needed to complete each task (with experience, these tasks, as with the cost per hour for the task, will become extremely accurate), You can capture the quantity of each task required as well as the quantity completed. Once your system has been active for a while and you are happy with the budgets you can save the “Job” as a formula for use on repeat orders or orders where the items and quantities are the same.

TurboTime currently has 18 reports for the Job Costing module. The above is an example of a report exported as a flat text file. The report can also be exported as a PDF file or an Excel spread sheet. There is an option to email the report to the relevant recipients, as well as the printing of a hard copy. If you have purchased the Time and Attendance system with the payroll interface you can even export the job costing information to you payroll. (Currently available for Pastel and VIP).

07. Gantt chart

With the Gantt chart you can see each and every task within a job and the status in relation to the allocated budget. Blue is the budget, Red over budget and green below.

In the above example the alarm bells should be ringing when looking at the angle grind task. Either the person performing the task is taking short cuts or you have over budgeted. Likewise the painting task has been completed before the galvanising , which would lead to a waste of materials and a loss of time.

Time is Money

Whether you’re ready to purchase job costing software, curious about features or a trial – we’re ready to answer any and all questions!